Packing attention to detail, intelligent design and delicious food into lunchtime is San Francisco-based team Prepd, founded by Chris Place and Will Matters. Their creation, 'Prepd Pack', is a modern take on the classic lunchbox, launched in January 2016 via a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $1 million.
Up until now, we've really only seen SpaceX's rocket landing in the middle of the ocean from afar. Chase planes near the drone ship provided a spectacular view of the milestone event, but now, S...
Everything from lifelike humanoids to VR-recording apps at SXSW Interactive 2016.
Tobias van Schneider lives his life like one big side project. Today, he designs and builds new products for Spotify in New York, but he couldn't have predicted that when he dropped out of school at age 15 to work as an apprentice in a computer shop in Austria.
Apple has formally challenged the U.S. Department of Justice over another locked iPhone and the encrypted information it contains. Owned by an accused methamphetamine distributor in Brooklyn, the iPhone 5s is believed to contain evidence of a drug conspiracy, investigators said. The government claims that its technicians can't penetrate the locked iPhone and require Apple's help to get inside.
Take a break from hotels and resorts and get back to nature with one of these amazing treehouse accommodations that combine comfort with the thrill of being immersed in nature. Some of them are rustic cabins built into the canopy of majestic trees, others make for luxurious nature retreats, yet others are true architectural marvels with high-tech interiors and contemporary amenities.
Oh no. You forgot to add the fresh ginger to the kung pao. Don't stress! Even if you forgot a key spice or sauce, you actually can make your food taste better - without adding a single ingredient.
Even if you're a seasoned travel pro, heading off on a new adventure can be stressful. But you can ditch your drama of tangled cords and missing passports thanks to these insanely cool travel products you've probably never heard of. You'll never leave home again without them!
If the recent buyouts of Intelligentsia and Stumptown are any indication, the growing popularity of craft coffee shows no signs of slowing down. While single origin pour-overs are now commonplace in many coffeeshops, sometimes when you're off the beaten path, your morning cup of coffee is harder to perfect.